Ragù filled Tortellini

This tortellini filled with a rich, slow cooked, flavoursome ragù are perfect for warming up on cold days

Recipe E-Book

Download my free Recipe E-Book. Five delicious recipes using fresh herbs from my Plantui SMART GARDEN

Fusilli Tricolore

This colourful pasta is perfect for sharing and pairing for lunches and as side

Nut free pesto

This homemade nut free pesto is so simple you’ll wonder why you never made it before!

My Dolce Vita

As part of #DolceVitaBloggers link up I’ve shared what La Dolce Vita means to me

Pasta Evangelists

Get delicious artisan pasta meals delivered to your door from Pasta Evangelists

When in Rome…

The perception of box wine is being changed with quality Italian wines from When in Rome

Lemon tiramisu

This light, refreshing lemon tiramisu is perfect for long summer evenings

Sea and Sardinia

Discover why this island is so special with its enchanting waters…