Recipe E-Book

I’ve teamed up with Plantui for a Recipe E-Book. You can now download our E-Book which includes five delicious recipes using herbs from my Plantui SMART GARDEN. 

Recipes include

  • Linguine, Prawns and Parsley 
  • Mediterranean Cous Cous with Basil 
  • Homemade Lasagne 
  • Mexican Inspired Bruschetta 
  • Spinach, Sage and Ricotta Stuffed Chicken 

What is a Plantui SMART GARDEN? 

One of the most commented on additions in my kitchen. Resembling something a little futuristic, my Plantui SMART GARDEN adds something unique to my kitchen, but it means I have fresh herbs to hand all the time. The benefit of a Plantui SMART GARDEN is everyone can have one, you don’t need a garden, or a windowsill, you just need a plug! 

Plantui Smart Garden

It’s a unique all-in-one indoor garden device, with its intelligent light system and automatic watering pump helps you to grow fresh, tasty and pure greens year round. Grow your favourite herbs, salad greens and edible flowers from seed to full grown plants. No soil, no gardening skills needed! 

Find out more about Plantui and their products by visiting their website or signing up to their newsletter.

Share your photos with us 

We’d love to see any of your photos of our recipes you make so make sure you tag us @CookingCarafes and @PlantuiOfficial on any social media and we’ll share your dishes! 

Competition time

Look out for your chance to win your very own Plantui6 SMART GARDEN over on my Instagram feed @CookingCarafes

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