My Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita. These words were what I dreamed of living on a more permanent basis when I was a kid. If you’ve read some of my other blog posts you’ll know my love for Italy began as a child from annual holidays to Italy.

My mum and I somewhere in Italy!

It was the days before technology took over our worlds for good, so without a smartphone or iPad in sight I’d entertain myself as a teenager, mainly by staring out to the glittering blue Mediterranean Sea dreaming of what I wanted my Dolce Vita life to be.

Bucket lists would contain things like 1. Learn to sail a boat 2. Live in Italy. 3 Travel the world 4. Speak Italian fluently 5 ….

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it, I’m a believer in writing your goals down helps you achieve them as I can say I ticked off a lot of my 13 year old somethings bucket list!

My real Dolce Vita moment was when I lived out my dream in Sardinia for a summer. As a holiday rep I whizzed around the island in my car going from hotel to hotel visiting guests, exploring the island and soaking up the sun on my favourite beaches. I built relationships with the people around me and I created myself a little life in the town of Pula, it was a temporary fix but it was part way to completing my dream.

Chia SardiniaSardinia la dolce vita

I always vowed I’d return, and I have on numerous holidays but never to live again. Not yet.

Now although it might not be my end goal of La Dolce Vita (which I hope to see out when I’m nearing my retirement years with a B&B or more permanent holiday home in Italy), my Dolce Vita is in fact in my little town of Buntingford in my forever home with my partner, Mark.

In between work I create my own corner of Italy, at home and through my blog. I immerse myself in Italian food, whether it’s making pasta from scratch, cooking up a quick Spaghetti Carbonara or finding new Italian products. Couple this with Italian wines, finding the latest Italian restaurant I want to visit, and scouring recipe books from my favourite bloggers, I’m dreaming and tasting Italy all the time.


My new love is also my garden, I’ve finally got raised beds for growing fruit and vegetables and they are full to the brim of fresh produce that I’ve grown from seed. I also have a herb garden in pots on my patio, my favourite thing to do when watering them is to run my hands through them so you get all the different fragrant smells of fresh herbs. I use all of this to help recreate Italian style meals and recipes.


It’s amazing how many people there are to connect with that share the same love and passion for a place that you do, we’re all connected by Italy’s spell it has put on us!

I love reaching out to people I meet through my blog and hearing their stories. I stumbled across Letitia Clark on Instagram and now I’m the proud owner of this original watercolour of Sardinia decorated with the produce, the food, the history of the island which will hang pride of place in my kitchen.

Hand painted watercolour map of Sardinia by Letitia Clark
Hand painted watercolour map of Sardinia by Letitia Clark

Letitia is a chef and artist and starting out on her own Sardinian adventure, creating what I can only imagine will be her Dolce Vita too. If you’re a lover of Italian food and quirky illustrations with witty captions you need to follow her!

So you see, wherever you may be, once Italy has taken a hold of you, you will create your own Dolce Vita wherever you land.

This post is part of the Dolce Vita Bloggers link up and is the topic for July, read more about people’s own Dolce Vita on their site.


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  1. You have a beautiful life. <3 #dolcevitabloggers

  2. “So you see, wherever you may be, once Italy has taken a hold of you, you will create your own Dolce Vita wherever you land.”

    ALL THE FEELS IN THESE WORDS WOMAN. Isn’t that the truth?! It was never about Italy. You can create it anywhere! Thanks for posting with us again, I really enjoyed your backstory, I was reading it with my morning coffee!

    Love, Jasmine of

    1. Thank you! Feel free to feature it in your awesome words on your stories 😊 it is true though, Italy just gives you the goals!

  3. Kelly says:

    What gorgeous pictures of you and your mum, the beaches of Sardegna, and your home garden!! I LOVE how you’ve taken the best of Italy and let it guide you to create your own Dolce Vita right where you are. I love that water color painting too! Just followed Letitia on Instagram 🙂 Thanks for being a part of #DolceVitaBloggers! <3

    1. Oh you’re very welcome my lovely. Thanks for dreaming about Italy much as I do and living yours between there and USA. Letitia’s work is fabulous I love it. Thank you for you le lovely comments. Baci

  4. I think the concept of ‘dolce vita’ is really about taking the time to love and appreciate the smaller things in life, you don’t need to be in Italy for that. Italy seems to have given you the secret of happiness.

  5. I loved this, thank you for sharing your sweet life! You’ve done so much and I love how you’ve taken a part of Italy with you and are embracing it! 🙂 I think that’s the thing about Italy, it teaches you and gives you a new perspective, that in the end we can put into practice anywhere! 🙂

  6. mammaprada says:

    I love that you capture how we can all have ‘la dolce vita’ wherever we are. it’s so true. I think we often miss this step as we’re always looking to the future, not living in the moment and not appreciating what we have. You seem to have created a little Italy at home anyway. I’m loving all your recipe posts and it’s so lovely to hear the stories behind your brand as well. xx

    1. Thank you very much and glad you’re enjoying the recipes too 😊

  7. Absolutely love what you’ve written! Your photos too are amazing – we love your garden! We currently have grape vines and peach trees growing, as well as the usual Italian herbs, but we’re most excited for our Nanna and Grandads fig tree, which we look forward to every year! 🙂

    Love you dolce vita!

    Lucy and Kelly

    1. Thank you! Grapes, peaches and figs sound like a great crop of fruit. Enjoy 🍇 🍑

  8. jasonolson9 says:

    I just moved back from France and am now going to try and make my own private France in my NYC life. Thanks for the reminder of La Vie en Rose.

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