Homemade fresh pasta shapes

I’ve made fresh pasta a few times, at home and on cookery courses and I love it. It’s so rewarding, as well as being therapeutic, but it also tastes incredible. I use dried pasta all the time at home; cooked right and paired with the right sauce it can taste delicious too but try homemade and taste the difference!

Inspired by Carmela Sereno of Carmela’s kitchen I ordered myself a gnocchetti board (less than £10 on Amazon) and decided I was going to make beautiful homemade pasta. Carmela’s are stunning, she combines multiple pasta to make colourful rainbow pasta shapes and the results are soooooo Instagram worthy. Check them out @carmelaskitchen

Make your pasta dough (you can follow my recipe on my post Perfect Pappardelle Pasta) and roll it out to about grade 7. I looked at several recipes before starting so am sharing all the tips for what I found worked.

Everyone said to cut the dough to 1 – 1 ½ inches square, which seems too small at first but once you start rolling it over the board it stretches so I found 1 ½ to be the most manageable size – certainly for beginners hands anyway.

Place the squares on the board like a diamond and slowly roll the rod over the pasta away from you and then back towards you. As you come back roll the point over the rod and then gently seal and take off the rod.

One recipe said to seal with egg yolk, you absolutely do not need to do this, if the pasta dough is elastic enough it shouldn’t need it.

Place then finished pieces in a tray (I lined mine with a cloth and they didn’t stick) and allow to dry for a few hours.

Cook in boiling salted water and when they rise to the top they are ready!

I read garganelli is traditionally paired with a duck ragù but they also pair well with other sauces. As we are getting ready to go away for a few days I used up leftovers in the fridge and made a ragù type sauce but using pork sausage meat so more like a campidanese sauce (as served with malloreddus, a Sardinian dish).

Garganelli served with ragu

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